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Security upgrades: A campus improvement update from Brian Franks

04.01.2014 | By:
Texas Wesleyan campus improvement sign says,

"The projects are more than meets the eye," continues facilities director Brian Franks, when asked about the campus enhancement projects underway.

With emergency preparedness training sessions for faculty and staff wrapping up last week, we asked Franks and Blake Bumbard, head of campus security, to share details about projects to upgrade security features on campus.

New fences with gates

"All of the fencing around student housing will be replaced with new wrought iron fences this summer," Franks says.

The new fencing will not only be more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also feature electric gates so only the students living in the housing can access the parking lots.

Security cameras and surveillance signs

Additionally, new security cameras and surveillance signs will go up around campus. The new security cameras will provide 24-hour surveillance of student housing.

"We already have a low crime rate on campus," Bumbard says, "but the additional surveillance will provide extra protection and peace of mind for students and parents."

Locking doors

During the faculty and staff emergency preparedness training sessions, Bumbard stressed the importance of locking doors for security during various emergency situations on campus.

Since the sessions, Bumbard and Franks have received inquiries from faculty and staff regarding locks on doors. In most instances, they have been able to meet with faculty and staff to address individual concerns and walk through solutions. 

"Safety is a top priority for the University," Bumbard reiterated. "If you have a concern about locking your doors, please email me at or Brian [Franks] and we will help assess your situation and determine a solution."


Additional lighting for parking lots is a security priority that is being addressed.

"Currently, all parking lots that are used by evening students and faculty are well lit," Franks says.  

A parking lot will be coming to Wesleyan Street this summer and the master plan for campus improvements includes additional lighting for all parking lots.

Next week in the campus improvement series, look for details about upgrades to classrooms and buildings on campus, including the arrival of new classroom equipment.

Have a suggestion for campus improvements that is not an immediate work order? Submit your ideas to Brian on the campus facilities feedback page.