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Are you prepared for severe weather? Sign up for emergency alerts

11.17.2015 | By:
Ice covers the parking lot outside the Oneal-Sells Administration Building.

Ice covers the Oneal-Sells parking lot during severe weather last year.

We all know how important it is to get emergency alerts as quickly as possible — that's why Texas Wesleyan has an alert system to keep you informed.

The fastest way to receive alerts is through a text message to your mobile device.

Here's how to update your information:

  1. Log in as a Student or Employee
  2. Enter or confirm your mobile number
  3. Check the boxes to receive text and/or voice alerts
  4. Enter an alternate email address if preferred
  5. Click "Submit" and your preferences will be stored

Did you know?

There are three different types of weather alerts:

  • Warnings are issued when a weather event that threatens life or property is occurring or about to occur. People in the storm's path need to find shelter.
  • Watches mean that hazardous weather is possible — be prepared to act and listen for possible warnings.
  • Advisories are for less serious conditions. They are issued when hazardous weather is occurring, imminent or likely. 

To make sure you know where to take cover in an weather emergency, review the list of university shelter locations.

Visit the university's Emergencies page for more information.