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Stay Alert with these TXWES Emergency Notifications

Stay alert with these TXWES Emergency Notifications

With the new semester coming up, you may be knocking things off your to-do list — like buying new pens, extra notebooks and highlighters. But don't forget about signing up for our emergency alerts. It's the best way to stay informed if there's an emergency situation on campus. You can be alerted by calls to your cell phone or landline, or by text or email. Here's what each notification means.

Severe Weather Warning Emergency Alert

Severe weather is any dangerous weather situation with the potential to cause damage, serious social disruption or loss of human life. If you receive this alert, you should be aware of the high potential for hail, tornadoes and high winds and stay inside until the severe weather has passed.

Tornado Warning Emergency Alert

If you receive a tornado warning emergency alert, a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar and there is imminent danger to life and property. You should move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building, avoiding windows and protecting yourself from flying debris. Be aware of safe locations on campus.

Winter Weather School Closing

A winter weather alert means severe weather could impact campus operations, prompting a temporary closure of campus. If you receive this alert, you will be directed where to go for more information and for updates on the campus closure.

Shelter in Place Emergency Alert

The shelter in place alert directs people to stay indoors, or seek shelter indoors, and not leave unless absolutely necessary. If you receive this alert, go indoors and lock exterior doors. If you are a university employee, if possible, go to your office or classroom and secure that location as well. The shelter in place alert will be used in multiple situations, such as when the police are looking for or chasing a suspect, on or near campus, when there is a chemical agent in the air, if an armed suspicious person is in the area, or if reports of a dangerous situation are made on campus or for any reason outdoor traffic needs to be limited.

Active Shooter Emergency Alert

An active shooter alert will be sent out when an individual is actively engaged in killing, or attempting to kill, people in a confined and populated area. If you receive this alert, you should act immediately. You will need to Run, Hide or Fight. If you are unable to run to a safe location, hide in a room, lock or barricade the door, turn off lights and silence your cell phone. Look for possible weapons to fight if the active shooter enters your room. If you have no other options, fight with aggression to end the threat.

A video of what to do during an active shooter situation is located on the TXWES security website.

Visit the security office website to discover even more information on what to do in emergencies and services our security team offers.

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