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October update from Campus Security

10.23.2017 | By:
Campus Security Truck

With the school year in full swing now, Campus Security wants to talk about a few issues that students need to know.

Parking Permits

In order to ensure the safety of our campus, all students, faculty and staff are required to obtain a parking permit from the circulation desk in the Eunice and James L. West Library. This free parking permit helps Campus Security better regulate which vehicles are allowed to be on our campus. This is to secure TXWES from trespassers and suspicious persons. Failure to register your vehicle, or failure to display the parking permit, can result in a $50 fine. Please obtain a permit immediately, if you have not already, and secure it on your vehicle. The staff has been instructed to write citations to vehicles without permits. So, save yourself some time and money and get yours today.

Stop Signs at Residence Hall Gates

Another recent issue has been the drive gates at the entrance to the residential area of campus. We have installed stop signs at the exits as well as limit the time that the gate remains open. If a vehicle fails to stop at the sign, there is a chance your vehicle may be struck by the gate closing. Failure to stop and striking the gate will result in damage to your vehicle and your insurance being contacted for repair of the gate. Campus security will soon start monitoring the stop sign for violations and issuing university citations issued.

Campus Security is available in person, email, the website, or by phone at 817-531-4911.