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Procedures, Policies and Forms

Please select from the options below that best fits your needs.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact the assistant director for student engagement or stop by the Student Engagement Office in the Brown-Lupton Campus Center, room 137. We're always happy to help you out! 


I need to update my organization's roster

Updated rosters should be submitted during your RamSpace registration every year. A good way to engage your members and attract potential members is to add your members onto your RamSpace platform. 

Though you are only required to submit your roster once a year to remain recognized, it's good practice to submit an updated roster any time you have a change in organizational leadership. This way we have the most current information about your organization. It's also important because individuals visit our office regularly looking for ways to get involved with student groups and we want to be sure we're directing them toward the right people!

I need to registrar an event

As long as you've registered your organization for the year, all recognized student organizations may register events online through RamSpace

Organization Event Registration Steps:

  • Log in using your Ram Link Credentials
  • Click on the Organization under your Memberships that you wish to register the event for
  • Click "Manage Organization" in the top right-hand corner
  • Click the drop-down next to the organization's name in the top left-hand corner
  • Scroll and click on "Events"
  • Select "+ Create Event" and fill out the form

Unaffiliated Event Registration Steps:

  • Email the assistant director for student engagement

Spaces fill up quickly (especially during prime slots like free period) and we want to get you the best spot we can, we ask that you fill out this form at least two-weeks prior to the date you're requesting. 

Here are a few things to consider before filling out a reservation request:

  • Multi-date room requests for organization meetings can only be made for the duration of the current semester, meaning you must fill it out for your meetings in the fall, and again in mid-November for your meetings for spring. Multi-date room reservations will not be accepted prior to Nov. 15 and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
  • Did you decide on a backup location and a backup date? We do the best we can to accommodate our student organizations, but sometimes there just isn't space available, so it's important to have an alternate space and date in mind before you complete a request.
  • Is your group planning to host a big event six months from now but you already know the date? You don't have to wait! When it comes to making reservations, the sooner the better! Planning ahead gives you the best chance to get exactly what you want.
  • Did you think about how you're going to market your event? You can put on the best program in the world, but it doesn't matter if no one knows about it. We don't want your efforts and precious time to go to waste; if you need any help or ideas, please contact the Assistant Director for Student Engagement or stop by the Student Engagement Office in Brown-Lupton Campus Center room 137!
I need help managing my organization's money

There are two options for recognized student organizations to manage their money. Depending on your group's specific needs, you might choose to have one or both of these types of accounts for your student organization. Below are the details for each account type, if you have any additional questions, please contact the assistant director for student engagement or stop by the Student Engagement Office in Brown-Lupton Campus Center room 137. 

A University Student Organization Account Fund

Pros Cons
  • Free for registered student organizations (no fees)
  • Already set up for you (all recognized student organizations automatically have an account)
  • Able to accept funds from Student Government Association (SGA)
  • The account is right here on campus, so no need to travel to make a deposit
  • Authorized users automatically change over to new leadership, so you don't have to physically go into the bank and transfer ownership 
  • Often more secure than external accounts, because you can't withdraw cash from this account type, and because the account is in the name of the organization, not set up on behalf of it
  • Need to plan more in advance than external accounts because money is a little more difficult to access than funds held in an external account 
  • Must be registered for the academic year to access funds
  • Can not withdraw cash from the account (must be used for purchases)
  • Can only accept deposits in the form of cash or check (no credit)

An External Bank Account

Pros Cons
  • Able to access money more freely (can get a debit card and checks)
  • Able to withdraw cash from this account type
  • Online access is often available for this account type
  • May be able to accept credit deposits
  • Often comes with monthly fees and/or charges if you don't keep a minimum balance
  • Must physically go to the bank and transfer over access when new organization leadership is elected
  • Not able to transfer funds from Student Government into this account
  • Must travel to make deposits into this account type

How to use your University Student Organization Account Fund

Using and managing your University Student Organization Account fund is simple! Just follow the applicable instructions below!

Check Account Balance
  • Purchases under $100:
    • Make purchases using your personal account (or external organization account), and make sure you keep the receipt.
    • Fill out a Student Life Purchase Form
    • Attach the original receipt (copies will not be accepted) to the Purchase Form
    • Take the completed form to the Cashier Office on the 3rd floor of the Oneal-Sells Administration Building within two weeks of the original purchase date
    • Get instantly reimbursed in cash 
  • Purchases from $100-$500:
    • Fill out a Student Life Purchase Form
    • Contact your Faculty/Staff advisor and make arrangements for them to make the purchases on their university credit card (if they do not have a university card, contact the assistant director for student engagement to make the purchases)
    • Give your Faculty/Staff advisor the completed Purchase Form, and tell them to allocate the charges to your account and attach the form to their receipt and submit it with their monthly packets
  • Purchases $500+:
    • Fill out a Student Life Purchase Form
    • Contact your Faculty/Staff advisor and make arrangements for them to build a Purchase Order to make the purchases in Colleague
    • Give your Faculty/Staff advisor the completed Purchase Form, and tell them to allocate the charges to your account
I would like to start a new student organization

Have you checked out the other student organizations on campus and haven't found one that quite meets your needs? We'd love to help you start up something new here at Texas Wesleyan.

The process is simple, just follow the steps below! If you need help along the way, please do not hesitate to contact the assistant director for student engagement or stop by the Student Engagement Office in Brown-Lupton Campus Center room 137!

Phase 1: Gaining interest
  • After you've come up with the vision for your student organization, you only need to recruit a minimum of 4 other currently enrolled students who would like to be a part of your new future group (5 people total)!
  • After you've got your members, recruit at least one full-time faculty or staff member who is willing to sponsor your group and who is willing to serve as an advisor
Phase 2: Building your Organization
  • Draft a constitution and bylaws (fancy words for a document outlining the purpose, rules and regulations of your new group)
  • Register the new organization on RamSpace
    • Click on the "Organizations" tab at the top
    • Click "REGISTER AN ORGANIZATION" on the left-hand side
    • Click "REGISTER A NEW ORGANIZATION" in blue on the bottom of the page.
    • Fill out the form completely
  • After completing both of these steps, you will be contacted about the status of your recognition and, pending any amendments or changes that might need to be made (usually very minor, if at all), you're all set for the year!
Phase 3: Maintaining your Recognition
  • Complete the Organization Registration Process within the first three weeks of the fall semester

 *Social Greek organizations follow a different recognition process. Please contact the assistant director for student engagement with any questions.

Greek Life Policies

In addition to following the same policies outlined to student organizations under the student organization handbook, Greek chapters must follow additional policies outlined within the Greek Life Guide.

Download an electronic copy of the 2019 Greek Life Guide