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It is not goodbye, but see you soon

05.01.2017 | By:
Ram Life is the Texas Wesleyan student life newsletter

It was a simple idea last summer: to create and publish a student newsletter. Much has changed since then; new positions, new staff, a new division title and new-ish leadership. What has not changed was our dedication to you, our students. All we do is to, hopefully, benefit the overall college experience at Texas Wesleyan University.

With your help, we have hosted numerous programs and events, shared the news of two national championships, publicized the University’s promotional commercial and so much more. Our work in the Division of Student Affairs is to ensure our students have a positive, holistic college experience. We can reach that in many ways but couldn't do it without you all actively participating and reading Ram Life.

To our graduates

To the graduates, congratulations. I hope we are not the first to tell you that and, certainly, we will not be the last. Your journey is your own; take pride in how far you have come and eagerly look forward to how far you will go. Take Texas Wesleyan with you wherever you go; your past can hold parts of your present and your future.

Go forward proudly with the shield of Wesleyan; carrying what you have learned, who you have met, and the memories you have made with you.