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No car? No problem. Here’s how to get around town from Texas Wesleyan.

07.31.2023 | By: Valerie Spears
Student rides a bike down Rosedale St. on campus

Ready to venture beyond the campus and immerse yourself in the vibrant offerings of Dallas-Fort Worth … but lack a personal set of wheels? Don’t sweat it — Tarrant County's public transportation system is constantly expanding, providing you with numerous convenient options to explore the bustling metroplex, run errands or indulge in shopping extravaganzas. 

Catch a Ride with ZIPZONE 

ZIPZONE is kind of like Uber — but cheaper and within a certain area. It’s a ride sharing app within certain Tarrant County communities, and the good news is that Texas Wesleyan University is in one of the biggest zones! You can use your phone to grab an on-demand ride within a particular zone for as little as $3. 

The zone that includes Texas Wesleyan University can take you to places like: 

  • The Fort Worth T&P Train Station, where you can take the train into Dallas or Grapevine or walk into Downtown Fort Worth 
  • West 7th street for shopping, restaurants and grocery stores 
  • The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens 
  • Magnolia Avenue area for restaurants, hospitals and doctors 
  • The Fort Worth Zoo  
  • The University Drive area, which has a Kroger, Albertson’s and restaurants 

If you want to go beyond our zone, you can purchase a multi-ride ticket for a little extra. 

Use promo code FTWWEB to get your first two rides free! 

Learn more and download the app

Trinity Metro Buses 

If you need to go a bit further than ZIPZONE allows, you can catch a bus and go to different areas of the city. Maybe you want to take a trip to Clearfork or get to the Stockyards — the Metro buses can take you there! There’s a bus stop on the corner of Vaughn and Rosedale Street, right in front of the business building. We recommend using Google Maps to discover the best bus routes. Most buses run every 15 minutes, but with frequent stops, be prepared to be on the bus a little while if your trip isn’t too close.  

Even better? You can purchase weekly or monthly passes that include the buses and trains in both Fort Worth and Dallas.  

Learn more

Traverse DFW by Train 

One of the best things about attending Texas Wesleyan University is the opportunity to live in one of the biggest metroplexes in the nation. Fort Worth now offers two different trains that can take you to explore different areas of Dallas-Fort Worth.  

Trinity Railway Express (TRE) has a direct line from Downtown Fort Worth to Downtown Dallas, making stops in Irving along the way. Catch a bus from Downtown Irving Station and head to the Las Colinas Entertainment District to catch a performance at the Toyota Music Factory or shop and eat along Water Street. It’s also super easy to transfer from TRE to the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) at Victory Station and Union Station to take additional trains and buses into different Dallas communities. Victory Station also drops you off right in front of the American Airlines Center, which is home to the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars and hosts big-name celebrity performances. 

TEXRail travels from Downtown Fort Worth to Downtown Grapevine, stopping in North Richland Hills and the DFW airport. If you’re riding in the summer, you can catch an 8-minute Uber ride to the NRH20 Family Water Park from the North Richland Hills/Smithfield Station. Downtown Grapevine is a great place to visit for a homey vibe — and we recommend visiting during December. Grapevine is known as the Christmas Capital of Texas, and they go all out for the holidays from ice sculptures to Polar Express themed trains to hot chocolate bars. Not to mention, the town gets a full holiday makeover! 

Get your train tickets

Hop on a Bike 

Located right across the street from campus is a Fort Worth Bike Sharing station (in front of The Rosedale). The station allows you to rent a bike for 120 minutes for $10 — and you can buy day, week, month, semester or annual passes to help you save money. If you need more time, just select “Keep Riding” on the app or kiosk for no extra charge.  

With several stations to park and ride, you can peruse down Rosedale to dine at several restaurants in the area, head to the Fort Worth Zoo, visit the Fort Worth Water Gardens or Botanical Gardens, spend time in Sundance Square and more — all while getting some exercise.  

The city offers lots of cycling routes and sidewalks, but not all streets will have them. We recommend using Google Maps to find the best cycling routes, as you can get in-depth information on roads with bicycle lanes and recommended paths. Remember to follow the same traffic laws as motorists, like stopping at stop signs and yielding to pedestrians.