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Stealing from your car: The 30-second crime

01.30.2019 | By:
Campus Security Truck

No area, property or item is immune to theft. Any place where property and valuables are present is a candidate to be stolen from.

Most often, vehicle thefts are simply a crime of opportunity. Burglars see a car window down, find an unlocked door, or see valuables inside. Luckily, preventing automobile crime can be as simple as following a few common safety measures.

Lock your car

The first step is simple: no matter where you are, lock your vehicle. Whether you are parked at a shopping mall, in your garage or on campus, lock your doors and close your windows. This is the first and most basic step in car theft prevention.

The average time a burglar is in a vehicle is usually less than 30 seconds. This is why they are very hard to catch and it is important to do everything possible to prevent becoming a victim.

Remove valuables from the car

Never leave important personal items in your car. This includes wallets, purses, phones, sunglasses (or anything of value, really). If you absolutely must leave valuables in a car, place them out of sight. Always remove all personal information from your vehicle, including your license, registration, etc.

Park with caution

Consider all of the variables that could encourage a thief to target your car anytime you park it in public. If you have the option, try to park in covered areas, garages, near security cameras, underneath light, or in high-traffic areas. Secluded, dark and vacant locations with no security equipment are perfect conditions for burglars to strike.

Because vehicle burglary is such a quick crime, Campus Security needs everyone’s help. If you see someone or something suspicious, contact us at 817-531-4911. You could be the difference in keeping you or someone else from becoming a victim.