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Student Life Spotlight: Jeremy Hunt on why spirituality matters in college

08.19.2016 | By:
Staff Spotlight Series

At some point during our college days we all will reflect on our personal growth, dreams, aspirations, and desires.

These are very important questions that we'll explore throughout our entire life, which is why begining to engage in that internal dialogue, and exploring your faith in college is essential.

I’ve found a tremendous amount of my identity, healing, peace and much more while engaging with my spirituality. For example, I joined a church where I felt genuine community, spiritual support and meaningful servanthood.

I’ve seen many students come into college believing one way and then walking across the stage at graduation completely transformed. Certainly, there are other important things that need to be considered like personal relationships, your involvements on campus, and (of course) meeting your academic goals; it's easy for faith to be placed on the back burner amid all the bustle of your undergraduate years, but please don’t forget that exploring and growing in your spiritually is a vital part of your time in college as well.

About Student Life Spotlight

Over the new few weeks, a different staff member in Student Life will share a piece of themselves with you. They’ll reflect on what’s important to them, and what they believe will help you to make the most of your time at Texas Wesleyan.

No, they won’t be simply pitching their programs and services at you under the guise of a cleverly crafted article, but rather, digging deep to identify what has been most transformative about their experiences in life thus far, and passing that wisdom as best they can on to you.