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5 reasons to get an on-campus job

08.22.2016 | By:
DFW Alumni Career Fair

Why should you join them there you ask? Well, we would love to tell you. Here are the top five reasons to attend the Student Employment Fair this week.

1. It's convenient

You are already going to be on campus, at the very least, for classes. When you add on top of that studying or any extra commitments you have (sports, organizations, meeting with your teacher, etc.), you will end up spending a decent amount of time on campus. Why select a job where you have to go out of your way to go to work when you are already here so much?  

2. You get work experience

With this being a university, many on-campus employers will get to know you and will want to get you to where you want to be after college. Some will even try to tailor make the job experience into one that gets you the most well-rounded skill set for life after college.

3. Engage with the campus

Working on campus is a great way to get to know some people that you may not otherwise connect with on a regular basis. Whether they be co-workers, faculty, or staff, this engagement will aid you in feeling more at home here and will help with networking for the next job

4. Flexibility with your schedule

All on-campus employers know that you are a student and will do all they can to support you in your academic endeavors. Many supervisors will even adjust the schedule of the students that work in their office when their classes are getting hectic.

5. You get a paycheck

It's also a great way to earn a little extra cash. That Chipotle is not going to pay for itself after all!

Join Student Life and Career Services from 11:45-1:15 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 25 at Lou's Place for an on-campus job fair with a variety of on-campus employers. We'll meet you there!