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Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.


How to use your summer scholarship

02.25.2020 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
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Are you an undergraduate student at Texas Wesleyan? It’s pretty sweet if you are. Because while you’re already getting a top-tier education, you also have access to summer scholarships.

Here’s how it works

If you started classes in fall 2018 or earlier, you’re eligible for a $3,000 scholarship toward summer classes. As long as you take at least six credits during the summer, you’re golden.

If you started in spring 2019 or later, you will have summer scholarship options built into your scholarship package.

Talk with your advisor or visit with your financial aid counselor by calling the financial aid office at 817-531-4420 or emailing

International students from countries with a discount partnership are not eligible for the summer scholarship. Contact International Programs with questions at or 817-531-5868.

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