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Self-study guide to career confidence

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Employers are on the lookout for candidates who display career confidence. Even in difficult economic times, you can build and express your career confidence by reflecting on your passion, purpose and career plans. They are looking for answers to: What makes you tick? What unleashes your creativity? How will you take your conscience to work?

 1. Discover your level of confidence in your career decisions and/or career plans based on the What’s Your Career

Confidence? quiz.

2. “Passion” is one of today’s buzz words. What’s the definition of this word and what does passion have to do with the job search?

3. Why do employers react so positively to candidates who show purpose and passion?


What are you passionate about? How will you incorporate this “internal energy” into your future career?

What adjectives can you use to make your resume or cover letters signal your passion to the reader? Hint: I was excited to learn about an opening an XYZ company.

Extend and Build
Build your confidence by taking some share of the credit for accomplishments to which you contributed, even though they were not yours, alone. For example, you may have demonstrated your passion and skills in class projects, internships, volunteer work and summer jobs. Though you probably didn’t do these projects single-handedly, your assistance was likely a necessary ingredient for success.

Try using these action verbs and phrases to write or talk about “contributory” accomplishments:

Partnered with______________________to accomplish...
Assisted with the following:
Collaborated with manager on…
Participated in company-wide effort which led to…
Contributed to a team who did…
Member of a seven-person task force that…
Observed and reported on….
Helped, aided…

Guide provided courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
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