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Expert tips from the ASC writing tutors

02.13.2017 | By:

Do you struggle with writing your papers? Do you have a hard time finding the right words?

Writing is the most popular reason for students to schedule an appointment in the Academic Success Center. There are so many different struggles in writing papers whether it be brainstorming, organization or grammar. The ASC writing tutors can help you with any phase of the writing process.

We asked our writing pros to share some helpful tips for writing papers.

  • When it comes to selecting a topic, Andrea always tries to pick one that interests her. She says it is much easier to write about something you are interested in. She brainstorms with her friends who are not in her class to get ideas.
  • Kirby always writes the directions for the assignment in her own words to make sure she fully understands what the professor wants. She is a firm believer in outlining the assignment.
  • Another tutor suggests reading your paper out loud. Many times you can hear the grammar mistakes.
  • Kime suggests free writing everything you know about a topic without worrying about how the words flow to get your thought process going.
  • Zahraa says to establish a clear thesis by picking out the points you want to focus on in your paper.

For more help with writing, set up an appointment with a writing tutor today.

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