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Supervisor Services

Supervisor Services

We are here to assist supervisors and departments with the recruiting and hiring process. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. For PeopleAdmin account requests, training and assistance, please contact the Department of Human Resources at

Student Employment Program supervisors have resources specifically for them.

Diversity and inclusion efforts are essential to our continued growth, success and mission focus. The university's strategic plan promotes policies, practices and procedures that provide opportunities to increase the diverse representation of staff, faculty and administrators.

Personnel Action (PAF) and Contract Request (CRF) Form Process

Personnel Action Form:

To request that changes be made to an employee's position or salary, or for returning seasonal employees who have not been gone longer than a year, please submit a Personnel Action Form for approval.  

1. Download the Personnel Action Form.

2. Complete all pertinent information such as: Effective date, Employee information and GL/Budget account number. If applicable, complete new position information and salary adjustment requested with specific explanation. Please make sure that you are sending it directly to the next person in the workflow for signatures.

3. If changes are being made to a position, please track changes on the original job description and submit via email to the request with the attached Personnel Action form Human Resources to approve.

4. After the Personnel Action form has been approved, a letter of promotion or status change memo will be sent to the employee and the supervisor will be notified.

Contract Request Form:

For any changes that are related to the rate of pay or amount of a faculty's contract, please fill out the entirety of the Contract Request Form and submit it for approval.

1. Download the Contract Request Form .

2. Complete all of the fields of the form and send it to the next in line for the signature workflow.

3. Please send the completed Contract Request form to so that Human Resources can finish the approval.

*Please note that these items must be received before the Department to Human Resources deadline. To view those dates, please visit the Payroll webage.*

Remote Work Policy and Training

Our new remote work policy is to allow employees to work at alternate work locations for all or part of their workweek. Telecommuting can improve productivity and job performance as well as promote efficiencies and sustain the recruitment and retention of a highly qualified workforce by enhancing work/life balance.

All supervisors must review the Remote Performance Managment Training before approving telework for any employee.

The Remote Work Policy and Agreement must be signed by employee, department head, and divisional Vice President before submitting the agreement to Human Resources. The agreement may be emailed to



Hiring and Recruiting



Helpful Reminders
  • All PeopleAdmin postings are completed by using the approved job description for the specific position. For new positions, (Staff, faculty or adjunct), please submit the new or revised job description to for approval.
  • Supervisors will screen applicants and move applications through the workflow (“Interview”, “Not Interviewed”, etc.)
  • The hiring department schedules interviews and conducts phone screenings when applicants are selected for an interview. Helpful interview tips can be found in Hiring Best Practices.
  • When interviews are concluded and a candidate has been selected, the hiring supervisor must initiate a Hiring Proposal for the selected candidate.
  • All applicants who were interviewed and not selected must be marked as “Interviewed; Not Hired”. The Hiring Proposal will need to be submitted and moved to the workflow for approval.
  • Please complete the Interview Summary Sheet and email it to Any notes taken during the interview process will need to be uploaded in PeopleAdmin.
  • At this time, the hiring supervisor may make a verbal offer to the selected candidate, however, the official offer of employment and letter will be sent by the Human Resources office.
  • After Finance has approved the Hiring Proposal, the Human Resources office will receive the proposal and the offer of employment letter will be signed by the Associate Vice President of Human Resources and sent via email to the candidate with the new hire paperwork attached. The Hiring Supervisor will be cc'd on the email.
New Hire Checklist
  1. Human Resources will notify the supervisor when the employee is hired and an ID number is assigned.
  2. After an ID number is assigned, the department is responsible for requesting account access through the IT department which includes an email account, phone extension, colleague access, etc. To submit the request, please visit the IT website.
  3. The payroll calendar and information on time entry training can be found on the Payroll website.
  4. Within the first month of employment, Human Resources will schedule (via email) the new employee for Orientation.