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ASC Wednesday Wisdom: How to manage the circus

08.30.2017 | By:
Photo from the West Library of Texas Wesleyan University students for an ASC story.

The beginning of a new semester often is the beginning of a new year. You create goals or resolutions for your upcoming semester. Many times they are simply statements from lessons learned from the previous semester like "I will not wait until the last minute to write my papers" or "I will put more time into my classes". These are not really goals that will help you improve as a student. In order to make a change in your behavior, you need to analyze your own habits and assess to see why they are not helping you succeed in class.

How can you do that?

  1. Attend an Academic Success Center (ASC) workshop. Perhaps you need to update your note-taking style or your study habits to better fit your learning style.
  2. Schedule an appointment with Alex, our Student Success Coordinator, for individualized support on looking at your own personal study skills.
  3. Take a look at last semester and analyze what you did right that made you successful as a student. Also, analyze what you did wrong and create a game plan to fix those problem areas.

The ASC has a variety of support services to help you. Come by more information.