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Tips from the ASC: Effective note-taking

09.02.2015 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Isn't the whole point of note-taking to help you ace your test? How can you accomplish that if you never look at your notes in between taking them and studying for the test?

Students spend a lot of time in class taking notes without realizing that time outside of class needs to be invested in these notes. Not only is it important to take quality notes in class, but the interaction with these notes is just important.

Note-taking is more than just an in-class activity. Take your note-taking skills to the next level by interacting with them before, during and after class.

  1. Before class - Students should review the textbook in order to prepare for the lecture so the material does not seem foreign. It is easier to take notes when you have at least heard the words before.
  2. During class - Use the style of note-taking that works bests for you. Do not focus on writing every word the professor says. You will get behind and the result will be incomplete notes.
  3. After class - Review your notes within 24 hours after your class. Not only does this maximize memory retention, but it also allows you to fill in the gaps and identify unclear information. Refresh your memory by reviewing your notes right before your next class.

For additional tips on note-taking, make an appointment with the General Study Tutor in the Academic Success Center.

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