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Wisdom Wednesday: Reduce finals stress with these tips from the ASC

05.03.2017 | By:
Texas Wesleyan students study in the library.

Are you ready to tackle your finals head on? Here are some tips from the Academic Success Center (ASC) on getting yourself calm and focused.

Don't skip on sleep

Make sure to get plenty of rest while studying. Pulling all-nighters may give you more time to study but will leave you tired and you may forget what you just reviewed! Set a daytime study schedule and stick to it, so you can get to bed on time and get restful sleep.

Plan a reward

Schedule a treat for yourself after finals are over. Make an appointment for a massage or plan to take yourself out to see the movie you’ve been holding off watching in theaters. Give yourself a fun goal to look forward to once exams are over.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a type of mediation that is really simple for you to do. It helps you tune out all of the background noise of stress in your head and refocus. Here is more information on how to do it quickly and easily:

Use your support network

Visit the ASC for tutoring help and study tips. We offer:

  1. Free tutoring
  2. Distraction free study environment
  3. Laptops and a printer to work on your papers
  4. A great place for study groups to work together

Tutoring will be available through Monday, May 8. Be sure to get your appointments in soon, we are already booking up.