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ASC Wednesday Wisdom: How to conquer test anxiety

10.11.2017 | By:

Do you find yourself getting nervous when it is time to test? Do you feel the butterflies in your stomach?

A little anxiety before a test can be normal and can work to your advantage. It can provide you with energy while reminding you that you want to be successful. If you feel it is interfering with your ability to test well then it may be a problem. 

Five tips for calming test anxiety

  1. Preparation is always key! Many times anxiety can be the result of lack of preparation for a test.
  2. Budget your test taking time. Quickly read through the entire test so that you can properly gauge the time needed to complete each section.
  3. Use relaxation techniques. Take slow, deep breaths. Don't think about the fear. Focus on the next question instead.
  4. Choose a comfortable seat for taking the test if you can. It may be best to sit away from friends. Don't worry about others who are testing. Just concentrate on your own test. There is no reward for finishing first.
  5. Practice healthy habits. This includes getting a good night's sleep. An exercise program helps decrease stress. Eat healthy before your test by avoiding stressful foods like artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, chocolate, fried foods, junk food and foods with heavy spices. Fruits and vegetables are excellent foods to eat before a test.

For additional support with test anxiety, come by the Academic Success Center and schedule an appointment with Alex, our Student Success Coordinator.