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Check out the ASC's top 5 semester prep tips

08.11.2015 | By:

In this last week before classes, most students are trying to make the most of their free time before it's time to hit the books again.

This is a perfect time to take a break from the heat wave and spend some time preparing for the semester. You can get a head start on the semester and try to start it off without stress.

Here are five tips to prepare for your semester.

1. Log in to Blackboard

Print out the syllabi for your classes and read over it. Highlight any questions you may have for your professor.

2. Find a planner that works for you

Put all due dates in it and any other dates you already know. Include any work or social commitments.

3. Buy your textbooks

By looking now, you have time to search for the best deals so you can save some money.

4. Map out your class and daily schedules

You will not waste any time during the first week finding your classes. You will impress your professor by arriving on time for class.

Use an hourly time grid to fill in your class times, work times, and social activities. After looking at those commitments, chart your study times into your grid.

5. Reset your sleep cycle

Get back on a consistent sleep schedule that will work with your class schedule.

Don't forget — if you need help in the classroom, tutoring resumes on Aug. 24.

Welcome back for the fall semester, Rams.