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Careers In Biology

In the biology department, you'll learn how to think critically, analyze details and form conclusions. A degree in biology gives you the tools you need to pursue many different careers in the scientific community.

Become a researcher

Research biologists study the natural world to understand how living systems work. They use the latest tools and techniques in the lab and the outdoors and conduct their research from different exotic locations around the world.

Biological Technician Microbiologist
Toxicology Lab Technician
Zoologist Bioinformatics
Biologist Molecular Biologist

Become an environmental biologist

Biologists in management conservation take environmental problems and find solutions to preserve the natural world. You'll work with members of a community to develop plans and put them into action. Some of these scientists are park rangers and zoo biologists.

Conservationist Environmental Compliance Inspector
Environmental Scientist Environmental Engineer

Become an educator or civil servant

Life science educators enjoy working with people and encouraging them to learn new things, whether in a classroom, a research lab, the field or a museum. 

Elementary teacher Genetics Counselor
Patent lawyer Regulatory affairs
Post-secondary teacher Environmental lawyer

Get a job in the biomedical field

In the biology department, you're learning critical thinking, attention to detail and biology basics that will help you find work in the medical field or continue your education in graduate school.

Physiologist Pharmacologist
Biophysicist Biochemist
Immunologist Pathologist

Go into the healthcare profession

With an undergraduate degree in biology, you're ready to pursue graduate school or professional school to go into the healthcare industry.

Physician Podiatrist
Veterinarian Dentist
Occupational Therapist Optometrist
Pharmacist Chiropractor
Physical Therapist Physician Assistant