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Careers in Criminal Justice

In the criminal justice field, the fascination with criminals and a need to understand their behavior is leading to a boom in jobs. You have many different career paths to choose from in many different areas of law enforcement, corrections, the legal profession and more. Take a look at some of the jobs you could get with your degree in criminal justice.

Become a legal professional

As a criminal justice major, you're learning critical thinking skills, how to conduct research and collect data and effectively communicate. In the legal profession, you'll use all of these skills make informed and professional decisions.

Lawyer Paralegal
Lobbyist Judge
Abstractor Political Officeholder
Arbitrator Claim Examiner
Legal Investigator Mediator
Compliance & Enforcement Inspector Title Examiner
Patent Agent Corporate Investigator
Journalist Legislative Assistant

Become a correctional officer

In your criminal justice classes, you'll develop interpersonal skills and an appreciation of cultural diversity that will prepare you to work with citizens of different backgrounds, beliefs and ideas.

Body Guard Security Guard
House Detective Police Officer
Store Detective Probation & Parole Officer
Bailiff Airport Security Officer

Work in law enforcement

In your classes, you'll build a strong foundation of the three major parts of the criminal justice system – law enforcement, the court system and corrections. You'll learn how your role in the field relates to other criminal justice professions.

Detective or Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Special Agent
Sheriff & Deputy Sheriff Drug Enforcement Special Agent
State Police Officer Immigration & Naturalization Service Agent
U.S. Marshal & Deputy Marshal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Special Agent
U.S. Border Patrol Special Agent Customs Agent
Internal Revenue Service Special Agent  

Become an inspector or compliance officer