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Sociology professor Lynton accepts invitation to present at NATO workshop

02.12.2015 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Dr. Eddie Lynton, assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice

Eddy Lynton, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice, has been invited to present at the May 2015 NATO-sponsored Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) in Antalya, Turkey.  

Lynton came to the attention of Interpol, former United Nations and NATO officers through his work with the Turkish Institute at the University of North Texas. He also has contributed articles in the past to the Turkish Institute for Police Studies (TIPS).

His presentation, "Countering Terrorist Recruitment: Social Media, Cyber Terror and Peaceful Platforms," examines the internet, specifically social media, and how it functions as a place for terror or a platform for peace. His findings also highlight the significance of cross national programs such as Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission (SACM) to the United States.

The objectives of the NATO-sponsored Advanced Research Workshop are to

  • Research recruitment methods used by terror groups
  • Improve existing counter measures in order to support NATO's armed counter terror operations
  • Create safer communities through effective counter policies

Please join the Natural & Social Sciences as we congratulate Dr. Lynton on his selection for this exciting professional development opportunity.

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