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New GIS Minor added

04.09.2021 | By:
Nigerian Piracy Gulf of Guinea 2021

Dr. Gullion and the Criminal Justice program are launching a new minor this fall. The minor in GIS (Geographical Information Systems) is part of ongoing efforts to keep up-to-date with the chaning world of information. The first course on rotation in the fall is CRJ 2304.01 GIS: Mapping the Social World.

The minor will add skills which compliment virtually any academic program at Texas Wesleyan. The minor will use ARC GIS software to teach students geographic mapping skills which allows for spatial location and for organizing data into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes.

This unique minor will help students reveal deeper insights into data such as patterns, relationships and situations helping users make smarter decisions concerning real world problems around the world. GIS will be used as a tool for discovering and critically developing policy regarding crime, population dynamics, and international trends at both the historical and contemporary level. 

If you would like more information please contact Dr. Greg Gullion at