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History program represents Texas Wesleyan at MEMNTO Conference at SMU

02.25.2017 | By:
History students represent Texas Wesleyan at MEMNTO conference at SMU

Students and faculty represented Texas Wesleyan's history program at the first Medievalists and Early Modernists of North Texas and Oklahoma (MEMNTO) conference on Saturday, Feb. 25, held at Southern Methodist University. The conference is an opportunity for undergraduate students in the region to present research on the Medieval and Early Modern periods. History major Joanne Barron presented a paper entitled "Insulae of Ostia." She argued that necessity, profit and neglect on the part of Roman landlords overshadowed the needs of the lower classes and relied on primary sources, such as Vitruvius, Juvenal and Plutarch.

Also in attendance were two other majors in the History program, Lane Kelly and Mackenzie Redmon as well as program faculty Dr. Christopher Ohan and Dr. Alistair Maeer, who serve on the MEMNTO organizing committee.

This year's day-long meeting was hosted by the Medieval Studies Program at SMU. It was announced that Texas Wesleyan will host the 2018 MEMNTO conference.