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History Students Participate in Medieval Conference

02.11.2019 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Texas Wesleyan history students and faculty at MEMNTO 2019.  Chris Ohan, Eric Reyna, Tatyana Levitzki, Edon Ademaj, Alistair Maeer

On Saturday, Feb. 9, students and faculty From Texas Wesleyan attended the Third Annual Conference of the Medievalists and Early Modernists of North Texas and Oklahoma (MEMNTO). This unique interdisciplinary undergraduate conference, hosted by the University of Dallas, provided an opportunity for interested students, who are often at institutions with few medieval and early modern professors, to experience the diversity of academic approaches to this fascinating period. 

The day's keynote delivered by Dr. Don Kagay entitled "Elionor of Sicily: A Fourteenth-Century Aragonese Queen at War." 

Two Texas Wesleyan students presented papers. Edon Ademaj spoke on "The Mythology of Witchraft: Heresy, Magic, and Femininity in the Malleus Maleficarum"; and Tatyana Levitzki delivered her paper, "Commodus' Final Year: Methodical or Mad?" Sessions were chaired by area graduate students, making the entire experience--from undergraduate and graduate students, to authors and faculty—a learning community for all.

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