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Careers in Communication

The big question is "What can I do after graduation?" Your Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication allows you to pursue many different career paths in the communication industry. Who are we kidding? You're even prepared for jobs outside of the communication world. Take a look at just a few of the job titles you could have after you walk the stage.

Get a job in advertising

In advertising, you'll be involved in developing advertising strategies, producing advertising campaigns and marketing. Your position could include advertising or marketing specialist, copywriter, media planner, media buyer, creative director and media sales representative.

Advertising Manager Copywriter
Creative Director Media Sales Associate

Get a job in journalism or broadcast journalism

As a journalist, you're involved in the researching, writing, editing and presenting news to the public through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc. You can score a job as a reporter, editor, newscaster, author, copywriter, publisher, technical writer, media interviewer, talkshow host and more.

There are many careers related to radio, television, broadcasting and electronic media that include positions such as a station manager, director of broadcasting, film editor, news director, news writer, technical director, advertising sales coordinator, media buyer, announcer, disc jockey, news anchor, casting director, producer, talk show host and many more.

Broadcast News Analyst Editor
Producer Reporter

Get a job in public relations (PR)

In public relations, you'll promote and manage an organization or company's public image. There are a variety of careers in public relations, such as a publicity manager, advertising manager, press agent, lobbyist, media analyst, audience analyst and many more.

Public Relations Manager Public Relations Specialist