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How do you start a career in mass communication?

From writing news stories and directing news broadcasts to creating commercials and designing billboards, a mass communication degree offers a vast field of job opportunities. But one thing stays the same: You need great communication skills and a portfolio to match to get your foot in the door. Check out our tips on how to land your dream job after graduation.

Build your portfolio

You got skills. Your employers want to see them. Show ‘em what you got by building an online portfolio. It’s kind of like doing show and tell, but for job skills. By building your portfolio, you’ll be able to prove you have the know-how to write, design, photograph — or whatever skills you want to show off.

As you work in your small TXWES classes, your professors will guide you on how to create a portfolio that showcases the skills you gained in each class. By the time you graduate, you’ll have a nice shiny place for your future employers to marvel at your work.


Getting to know professionals in the area can make a big difference. Networking is how you can meet future employers and get to know the kind of skills they need. Plus, you could pick up a few tips and tricks from the experts. Then when it comes time to graduate, you can reach out to your connections to help score that job.

But you don’t have to walk around in the dark looking for connections. The mass communication department at Texas Wesleyan offers students plenty of ways to grow their network. From experts visiting classes to the Marjorie Herrera Lewis Endowed Speaker Series each spring, students can meet the experts without even stepping off campus.

Land an internship

Now that you have established a portfolio and have a solid network, it’s time to find companies looking for interns. Internships are a great way to build on the skills you’ve learned in class. You could look for local internships in:

  • News settings, like the Dallas Morning News, NBC 5, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram or Fort Worth Report.
  • Advertising or public relations agencies, like the Balcom Agency, J.O. Agency, Schaefer Advertising Co., Warren Douglass Advertising, The Power Group and more.
  • Local governments or agencies, like the City of Fort Worth, the City of Grand Prairie, the City of Dallas, North Central Texas Council of Governments or North Texas Municipal Water District.
  • Sports entertainment, like the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, Frisco RoughRidgers, FC Dallas, Fort Worth Vaqueros, Panther City Lacrosse Club and more.
  • Private businesses around the area, like American Airlines, Charles Schwab, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, Alcon and the Fort Worth Zoo.

Almost every company needs people who know how to communicate! And the best part? Your professors may also have connections to people working in the metroplex.

Texas Wesleyan’s Career Services can give you tips on your resume and conduct mock interviews so you’re prepared to land the job. And remember those speakers who visit class? Many of them may also be looking for interns. Don’t be afraid to put your name out there!

Get involved

The best way to build that portfolio? Get involved. Texas Wesleyan has a student-run media group called the Rambler Media Group that writes news articles, creates broadcasts, designs ads and more. It’s one of the best ways to take what you’ve learned in class and apply it to a real newsroom. Then you can use your work to beef up your portfolio.

But that’s not the only way to get involved. You can also join the TXWES chapters of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) or other professional organizations in the area. You’ll attend meetings and network with the professionals. 

You could even take your skills off campus, get real-world practice and add to your portfolio while helping our community with volunteer work. Many non-profit organizations in the area are looking for volunteers to plan social media posts, write blog articles, promote events, become brand ambassadors and more. Check out:

  • The Alzheimer's Association
  • The American Heart Association
  • Catholic Charities
  • Dallas Pets Alive!
  • Local pet shelters
  • The North Texas Food Bank

And more!

Learn multiple skills

Being equipped with a wide array of skills can make you more marketable. It’s kind of like being a transformer — except instead of turning from a vehicle into a beast, you can turn into a high achieving journalist who can write amazing articles and also shoot expert videos.

Knowing not only how to write, but also how to edit videos, create podcasts, design magazines, shoot great pictures and more can set you apart from the rest. The more skills you have, the wider the net you can cast to land a great job. Employers are looking for people who can do it all.

You’ll also need to learn basic skills, like research, social interactions, critical thinking and more. It's important for communicators to get the right information. Being able to do your research, talk to the right people and think about the way you communicate is important in getting out the correct info.

In your mass communication classes at Texas Wesleyan, you’ll get hands-on instruction in a variety of different topics that teach you the diverse skills you need to succeed.

Keep practicing

Even after you land your first job, keep honing your skills. The world of communications is rapidly changing. Think about how fast social media changes — remember Myspace? Vine? Maybe not. Staying on top of changes and trends, and what skills you need to adapt, is important in keeping up with your career.

Design trends change, too. Can you think of the old YouTube logo that looked like a TV from the 70’s? Or how about Instagram’s logo that looked like an old polaroid camera? What looks good now may not appeal to future generations. You’ll need to keep that in mind as you grow throughout your career. 

New rules and regulations also can affect your job. Ever wonder why websites ask about your cookies? It’s not asking about those snacks in the pantry. Many websites use tools to track users for their reporting — including news companies. Making sure your websites, broadcasts and other media are following the updates can keep you from getting hefty fines.


No matter where you want your career to go, Texas Wesleyan's expert professors can help you build the skills you need to build up your resume. 

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