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Careers in Paralegal Studies

With a degree in paralegal studies, you can work for a law firm, in a corporate legal department, the public sector and more. After graduation, you're prepared to do important legal work under the supervision of an attorney. In a number of professional settings, your job title may vary, but you'll most likely be called a paralegal.

Work at a law firm

As a paralegal, you'll help lawyers prepare for closings, hearings and more. You'll investigate facts for each case, make sure all the information is considered and identify any materials that are relevant to the case. You could also draft pleadings and motions, obtain affidavits, prepare legal documents and assist attorneys during their trials.

Become a corporate paralegal

As a paralegal in a corporation, you'll help attorneys with employee benefits plans, employee contracts, shareholder agreements and stock-option plans. You may often monitor and review government regulations to keep the corporation in check with new requirements and make sure it's operating within the law.

Work in the public sector

As a paralegal in the public sector, you'll analyze legal content for internal use, keep reference files, do research for attorneys and collect evidence for agency hearings. You're involved in projects to help community members who need legal help. In this line of work, paralegals do research, file forms, prepare documents and sometimes represent clients at administrative hearings.