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Careers in Political Science

With your degree in political science, you're ready to work in many different fields or even continue your education in graduate school or law school. After graduation, you can work in business, politics, government organizations, journalism and more. Check out the different jobs you can get with your degree in political science.

Work for the government or in politics

Many political science majors work for the local, state or federal government in positions such as congressional aides, campaign managers, state representatives, county or city officials and more. You can also work for different government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, State Board of Education and Social Security Office.

Regional Planning City or Town Management
Law Enforcement Foreign Service
Judicial Services Detective
Research Government Services
Intelligence Elected Official
Campaign Mangement Staff Administrator
Political Scientist  Program Administration

Become a lawyer

Political science is a great undergraduate major for students who want to go to law school. You'll continue to use your conceptual thinking skills and your knowledge of public affairs in your career.


Work in a business or private agency

As a political science major, you're developing an awareness of political, social and economic trends that affect the business community. You can get a job in several fields including insurance, agricultural business, financial institutes and consulting firms.

Sales Associate Human Resources Specialist
Management Advertising
Public Relation Specialist  

Become a journalist or broadcaster

A political science degree is great for the field of communication. With your knowledge of public affairs, after graduation, you can get a job as a news editor, correspondent or reporter, news programmer or analyst, a producer and more.

Editor Correspondent
Sales News Programmer & Analyst