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Undergraduate Research

Are you interested in helping your professor do research? Or maybe you're interested in doing your own? Research is the ultimate critical thinking tool that allows you to explore new ways of thinking and put into practice psychology principles learned in the classroom. Download your application today and get started.


About the Research

The Texas Wesleyan University Psychology Department Undergraduate Research Grant provides a maximum of $250 for students to use for research or expenses they may have for research-related travel. Grants go to the most qualified students.

You'll meet regularly with faculty members to see how your research is going. At the end of your research, you'll turn in a final paper or presentation with your findings.

Working with faculty

Maybe you want to participate in student research but aren't sure where to start? With a faculty member's approval, you can work on their research for the University as either a volunteer or as part of the psychology research internship.

Working independently

Do you have your own idea? Apply for the research grant and conduct your own research project from the initial design and ethical issues to the running the experiment and analyzing the data.

Don't worry, you won't be completely on your own. You can ask a professor to mentor and guide you through the research process.


How do I apply?

Download your grant application and schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor to talk through your research ideas. Each research grant is awarded to the most qualified applicants.

Download My Application

Submit your application to:

Professor Jay Brown
Nenetta Burton Carter Building 110