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Rams Up: Alumnus proud to represent TXWES

At this year's Michelada Festival in downtown Fort Worth, TXWES booth volunteers were privileged to have a visit from Mr. Ned Spurlock, a TXWES alumnus who graduated with his degree in accounting in 1989 — the last year that TXWES was known as Texas Wesleyan College.

When asked if he would like to have his picture taken with the TXWES banner, Mr. Spurlock eschewed his wheelchair so that he might stand next to his alma mater's brilliant blue and yellow standard. Mr. Spurlock expressed his love for TXWES, saying he had not done well in high school, but had finally found his academic footing at TXWES, with the help of caring and engaged faculty.

Some things never change—our faculty today are every bit as dedicated to student success as we were back in the day!

Campus clock tower with red flowers
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