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Why Study Spanish at Texas Wesleyan?

A major in Spanish at Texas Wesleyan allows students to develop fluency in written and spoken Spanish and gain an understanding of the literature and culture of the Hispanic world. Elementary and intermediate courses sharpen students' skills and prepare them for advanced study of the language and of major Spanish-language literary works.


Skills gained from the major set the stage for a host of opportunities after graduation, including:

  • Graduate work in the language and its literature
  • Teaching the language
  • Translating or interpreting
  • Working with the Spanish-speaking public in a variety of roles and professions

Graduates may also enter the fields of international business, state or federal government, social services and a number of paraprofessional occupations in the areas of medicine and law.

Students are also encouraged to enhance their knowledge of Hispanic language and culture by studying in a Spanish-speaking country through our International Programs Office.

Already Fluent?

Students who major in Spanish and are already fluent or practically fluent in the language can take an assessment exam and receive credit for up to nine out of the required 36 hours for a major (24 for a minor.)