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Students, Faculty, and Alumni Rampresent at the 8th Annual Michelada Festival

It has been a busy few weeks for the TXWES Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month Committee, whose members have planned, hosted and participated in multiple events on and off campus starting in mid-September. Sunday, Oct. 8 was no time to rest, as committee members — including various faculty, students and alumni—came together to represent Texas Wesleyan at this year’s Michelada Festival. The free outdoor festival attracts thousands every year and benefits Connect Respect, which donates a portion of the proceeds to fund scholarships awarded by the Texas Wesleyan Alumni Association and by the Mexican-American College Education Fund (MACE).

During the course of the day, festivalgoers packed Main Street, which was crowned at either end by a stage that featured live music and DJs. Vendors of all sorts lined the street from north to south, selling everything from clothing and artesanías to Mexican and Central American food, beer and of course, micheladas — a Mexican drink made with beer, lime juice, assorted sauces, spices and chili peppers. Despite the spectacle all around, no one could miss the bright blue and yellow Texas Wesleyan tent (shoutout to the School of Arts and Sciences for providing it!). Energetic and gregarious staffers offered passersby information on various academic programs and campus organizations. Crowd members lined up to play cornhole on the custom-made TXWES board and win TXWES swag such as pens, pencils, keychains, water bottles and t-shirts.

The festival proved an incredible opportunity for Texas Wesleyan — the only higher education institution invited to participate — to reach a massive audience. The Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month Committee especially wishes to thank the Latinx Student Association (LSA) and the Bilingual Education Student Organization (BESO) for their help and participation, which was a crucial element in the day’s success.

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