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TXWES Spanish Students Time Travel at the Kimbell

On a recent visit to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, students in Dr. Amy Bell's Spanish classes caught a glimpse of 100 rarely displayed, stunningly detailed artifacts dating back to the Classic period (A.D. 250-900) of Maya civilization. Students marveled at the collection, which boasts works that range from enormous, elaborately crafted stone monuments to finely carved vessels and ornaments, many with original paint still visible.

"We are fortunate to have access to world-class museums like the Kimbell that complement the learning that takes place in the classroom," said Dr. Bell. "When I heard the exhibition would be here this fall, I thought, 'What better way to enhance a conversation about the Popol vuh (an ancient Maya text that includes the culture's creation myth) than to take a field trip to see the collection representing Maya deities?'"

Experiential learning has always been — and will continue to be — a hallmark of a TXWES education, no matter the year.  

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