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Get the recap for the sixth annual Fraud Conference

05.09.2017 | By:

The Texas Wesleyan School of Business Administration and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Fort Worth chapter co-hosted the 6th annual Fraud Conference. More than 40 practitioners and financial professionals gathered to learn more about how fraudulent activities impact their firms and clients.

Among the presenters, Texas Wesleyan's fraud alumnae Kayla Cargill, Kimberly Griggs and Lisa Huynh presented a case they were involved in on fraud in charter schools. Cargill and Huynh also earned their MBA at Texas Wesleyan and Griggs is a current Texas Wesleyan MBA student. All three are employed by XTO Energy, a subsidiary of Exxon.

Other topics at the conference included financial statement and securities fraud, facial reading, fraud from an investigative journalist's perspective and audit concepts and techniques in fraud examination. Other presenters included Marshall Gandy from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mac Fulfer, Ginger Allen from CBS 11, Leslie Wilks from Whitley Penn and Lori Varnell.