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Enactus team awarded Career Summit Travel Grant

10.03.2017 | By:
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The Texas Wesleyan Enactus team was awarded the Enactus Career Summit Travel Grant to attend this year’s Career and Team Summit in Austin, TX.

The Austin Career and Team Summit is a two-day event: the first day is a team summit and the second day is a career summit.

During the team summit, students learn how to make their team a success while interacting with other teams in their area. This prepares the teams to create a corporate-level presentation for the Enactus regional competition.

The career summit is a unique opportunity for students to have direct access to Fortune 500 employers through the career fair. Providing students with the opportunity to have their resumes reviewed by professionals and have the opportunity to expand their network with recruiters and fellow students.

“[The] career summit is a great opportunity for students to find their dream job,” Dr. Ogruk, Enactus co-advisor and assistant professor of economics, said. “We had two students find internships/jobs in the career summit 2015 and 2016. One student was offered a management training position in Sam’s Club onsite.”

This will be the third summit the Wesleyan Enactus team has attended; the previous two were hosted in Dallas.

The Enactus Career Travel Summit Grant is available to potential students who are not able to attend the summit due to the distance from the host location. Afraid their students would not be able to attend, Dr. Ogruk and Dr. Wright, Enactus co-advisor and assistant professor of management, encouraged their students to submit an online application.

“We were very excited [to win the grant], it’s a very competitive field we were submitting to,” Dr. Wright said, “We were up against large universities, such as UT, Texas State, Texas Tech, Texas Woman’s.”

The grant will cover a round trip by car, a one-night stay in Austin and meal allowances for four students.