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Accounting Society offers opportunities for student success

03.08.2018 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Accounting Society Guest Speaker Nikolaj Brons-Piche talking in front of students in a classroom

Current Accounting Society President Mirella Puga, describes the Accounting Society as an organization that provides students with the opportunity to network with employers who already have experience in the workforce.Accounting society logo

By attending the organization’s meetings, students can expand their network and gain more knowledge on various companies.

On Thursday, March 1, the Accounting Society hosted Blue River Partners' Nikolaj Brons-Piche as their guest speaker.

Brons-Piche, a Wesleyan alum, talked about his role at the company and his the different day to day responsibilities. He also took the time to give advice and small tips on how to create a powerful resume, as well as how to use all the resources you have when looking for job opportunities.

Puga gained a handful of knowledge that she plans to use upon graduating in May.

"From the meeting I took away that it is very important to take detailed notes in the work place," the accounting and finance major said. "Once you get in the work place, you get trained so everything you learn in college will be used. This presentation also gave the opportunity for us students to become aware of small companies that do not have a well-known branding."

With so many opportunities available, Puga highly recommends joining the Accounting Society. The mission of the Accounting Society is to expose its members to the accounting profession and to create networking opportunities within the Fort Worth-Dallas Metropolitan Area.

For more information, please contact President Mirella Puga at


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