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School of Business hosts Business Hall of Fame Honoree

09.22.2017 | By:
2017 Business Hall of Fame Honoree Q&A

Texas Wesleyan School of Business Administration hosted the 2017 Business Hall of Fame honoree, Paul Dorman, chairman and CEO of DFB Pharmaceuticals LLC, in a question and answer session on Thursday, Sept. 14. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and hear from a successful executive in the pharmaceutical industry.

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About DFB Pharmaceuticals

DFB Pharmaceuticals is a Fort Worth-based holding company focusing on the development of new healthcare products and businesses.

Dorman’s companies are currently financing and clinically developing patented nanoparticle technology aimed at transforming systematic chemotherapy, through local delivery, to increase the safety and efficacy of treatment for cancer and related conditions. Creating innovative ideas to help society is a message the School of Business promotes to its students.