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School of Business hosts first open house

09.11.2018 | By:
Photo of Finance Club students manning the table during the School of Business Open House event.

During the first two days of classes, the School of Business Administration (SOBA) hosted their first open house event to promote student engagement.

According to SOBA’s academic service coordinator, Amber Procter-Willman, the event was the dean’s idea.

“He wanted the leaders of our SOBA student organizations to host a welcome event in our building for new and returning students since this is where they will spend most of their time.”

Senior Jaci Trotter attended the event and believes SOBA accomplished what it set out to do.

“It was a great way for people to know the different organizations and clubs, like Beta Gamma Sigma, Enactus, the Finance Club and the Accounting Society.” Trotter said, “I noticed more student engagement when the tables were set. I even learned some new things about the organization while talking to people.” ‌Photo of Texas Wesleyan Business students enjoying the Open House event in the atrium of the business building

Procter-Willman agreed with Trotter by saying, “The energy in the common area was buzzing that morning.”‌‌

One of the student leaders, former Enactus president, Jonathan McNamee, described the event as a good opportunity to network.

“Our goal for this year is to increase communication and member engagement to make sure they know they have a voice,” McNamee said. “Having the School of Business doing things like this really helps communicate more effectively.”

For Enactus, the social interactions don’t stop there.

“Our final goal is to expand to the other schools on campus like the School of Education. I’ve already started contacting other organizations to see how we can partner up.” McNamee said.

This is one of the unexpected benefits that came along with hosting the open house.

The event may have been for business students, but it seems the impact SOBA goes further than the business building walls.