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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Course Descriptions

Know what to expect in class before you even register. Check out the course description to see a snapshot of what you'll learn, required prerequisite classes you need to take and more. You can also see course descriptions by logging in to your Ramlink account.

CIS-3318 Informa Tech Service Mgt

Prerequisite: completed at least 45 hours. The course is designed to introduce IT service systems in a variety of enterprise and service industry settings. IT history, basic service methods will be reviewed. The economics of service systems in the context of the firm, industry, U.S. and world economy will be discussed.

CIS-3321 Network Administration

Prerequisite: completed at least 45 hours. This course is designed to provide students with reading and laboratory experience in the field of networking, design, installation, operation and troubleshooting of Ethernet and TCP/IP networks. Instruction includes Networking Terminology and protocols, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), Open System Interconnection (OSI) models, cabling, cabling tools, routers, router programming (configuring), Ethernet, Internet Protocol (IP) addressing and network standards.

CIS-3324 Agile Principles Software

Prerequisite: completed at least 45 hours. This course examines Scrum agile framework to understand how rapid realization of software occurs most effectively, ability of agile development teams to rapidly develop high quality, customer-valued software is examined and contrasted with teams following more traditional methodologies that emphasize planning and documentation.

CIS-3325 Operating System Admin

Prerequisite: completed at least 45 hours. This course focuses on administration of operating systems in a client-server technology (Windows on virtual machine), installation and maintenance. It prepares students for installation of Windows Server, NTFS file system and folder permissions, Domain Name System, Active Directory, local and domain Group Policy, Windows Terminal Services, Internet Security and Acceleration Server, Internet Information Services, communications and networking.

CIS-4327 Database Administration

Prerequisite: completed at least 45 hours. This course emphasizes database concepts, developments, use and management in three main sections: database concepts, practice, and emerging trends. Practical design of databases and developing database applications using modern software tools will be emphasized.

CIS-4328 Fund Informa Systems Security

Prerequisite: completed at least 45 hours. This course provides an overview of security challenges and strategies of Countermeasure in the information systems environment. Topics include definition of terms, concepts, elements, and goals incorporating industry standards and practices with a focus on availability, vulnerability, integrity, and confidentiality aspects of information systems.