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Get set up for professional success — focus on these finance studies areas

Thinking about majoring in finance? Great choice! A finance career can open endless opportunities — from managing the stock market to helping startup businesses get their money growing. Finance is a broad field with many different types of jobs. But you don’t have to pick which area of finance you’d like to focus on right now. We offer plenty of ways for you to explore different topics, so you can build your career the way you want. A finance degree from Texas Wesleyan can open the (office) door for you to have a long and successful career as a financial professional. Learn more or check out a degree plan today!

Financial Management 

Businesses can’t function without proper funding. And as a financial manager, your job is to identify how to keep the money flowing throughout the business. You’ll focus on big picture items — like making a master budget plan to grow profit and help lower costs — while managing a group of employees that can help you look over budgets and reports. You’ll get to try your hand at fortune-telling to predict how your business’ finances will change over time. But don’t worry, we’ll show you how to look over data and check the economy, so you can gain the skills you need to make the best decisions for your company. You can even take electives in management to help you find your voice and become a leader in the field. 

Financial Accounting 

Did you always want to be the banker in a game of Monopoly? Counting the money, dividing it among other players and keeping track of money flow is just the attention-detailed focus financial accountants need. If getting into the details of money is your style, being a financial accountant might be the right card for you. You’ll keep track of an organization’s money and work with management to build reports. You’ll also help departments with their budgets and make crucial decisions on where the company puts its money. And with the flexibility of Texas Wesleyan’s finance degree, you can add accounting classes to get even more experience managing money. 

Financial Analyst 

Always on top of the latest trends? Turn that into a career as a financial analyst. You’ll not only look at spending trends in a business, but also study industry and economic trends to help determine when and where a company should invest its money. You could even narrow your focus by researching a certain area of finance like detecting risks or threats to the stock market to help your company make big money moves. 

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