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Welcome to the finance program. Find out more about getting your BBA in finance.
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About Finance

In the finance major, you'll lay the groundwork for a career in the corporate and financial service industry. In your classes, you'll have the rare opportunity to get hands-on experience actively managing a portion of the University's endowment fund. Some of your courses will include Investments, Financial Statement Analysis, Money and Banking, Introduction to Derivatives and International Finance.

There's more good news. Several of your required courses are designed to help prepare you to take the first part of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. The CFA consists of three parts and is considered to be highly prestigious in the investment management profession. 


A career in this field has specific eligibility standards to sit for a licensing exam. Before you start your degree, read our ineligibility policy.

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Ask Your Advisor About the 5th-Year Option

Want to get a jump start ahead of the competition? Earn your BBA in finance, followed by an online MBA with a concentration in either business administration, supply chain management, healthcare administration or data analytics in just five years. 

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