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Careers in Finance

Not sure what kind of job you want after graduation? That's ok. We want to help. Take a look at several of the jobs in the financial industry that you'll be prepared for once you get your degree.

Go in to corporate finance

In corporate finance, you'll work for a company and deal with financial decisions such as finding money in the budget to run the business, growing the business, planning its financial future and managing any cash. The problem-solving skills you learn are put to good use with work in corporate finance.

Financial Analyst Budget Analyst
Payroll Clerk Financial Manager
Credit Analyst Benefits Manager

Get a job in the insurance industry

In the insurance industry, you can find a job in a lot of different areas. You can do anything from being an underwriter to an actuary. Your job is to help people and businesses protect themselves from any devastating losses or possible risk problems that may come their way.

Claims Analyst Underwriter
Sales Agent Risk Manager
Actuary Insurance Appraiser

Go in to the real estate industry

Real estate industry offers many different jobs including brokerage and leasing, construction, mortgage banking, property management, real estate appraisals, real estate development and title insurance. The real estate industry is constantly changing, very challenging and personally rewarding.

Residential Broker Commercial Salesperson
Appraiser Property Manager
Loan Officer  

Work in to commercial banking

More people work in the commercial banking sector than any other part of the financial services industry. In commercial banking, banks provide services to individuals, small businesses and large organizations. A job in commercial banking gives you an opportunity to learn about business and communicate with people on a daily basis.

Commercial Lender Bookkeeper
Private Banker Branch Manager
Loan Officer Benefits Manager

Get a job in the investment industry

A career in the investment field can be in many different positions including security analysis, portfolio management, personal financial planning and securities brokerage. These jobs are available at large commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage houses, mutual fund companies or even in self-employment.

Financial Analyst Credit Counselor
Bond Sales Agent Assessor
Fund Manager