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5 traits that all great finance professionals share

Finance can be a very competitive field. Getting your finance degree is the first step on the path of success. But there are some common traits that great finance pros have that set them above the rest. Knowing these characteristics may help you make it big in your finance career. 

1. They’re Detail Oriented 

Can you spot tiny details from a mile away? Then finance might be for you. Choosing this career path means you have the tall task of making sure all the numbers, data and statistics you are working with add up. 

Whether you are a fund manager or an actuary for an insurance company, precision is a must. And at Texas Wesleyan, you'll have a hands-on opportunity to actively manage a portion of the University's endowment fund. 

Pro-tip: Ask a lot of questions while studying in school and managing the fund to keep yourself engaged and constantly learning before heading into the working world. 

2. They Thirst for Knowledge 

Your finance degree can get your foot in the door to that first financial job. But it never hurts to add some extra knowledge to your toolbox. At Texas Wesleyan, you can get your BBA in Finance and MBA in just five years, instead of the six or seven it might take at other institutions.  

You might also want to sit for your Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. Texas Wesleyan’s specially designed finance courses will get you ready for the exam’s first part. 

We get it. You might think that is a lot of learning and schooling. But it will be worth it.  

3. They Love a Good Challenge 

Whether your finance degree takes you to a local bank as a branch manager, a job in the private sector as a financial analyst or one of the many other professions you can end up with, you’re going to run into roadblocks and challenges. Those who have successful finance careers pull from their professional training and real-life experience to overcome these obstacles.  

4. They’re Curious 

Trying to figure out the best financial needs for a company, bank or individual takes some curiosity. If you love looking at the numbers and trying to find the best solutions, a career in finance is right up your alley. You may have to piece together a puzzle of details in order to find an answer to a large problem. Successful financial professionals enjoy the problem-solving aspects of their career.  

5. They’re Organized 

A budget isn’t the only thing you might have to balance as a financial professional — you’ll also have to juggle your calendar, clients, projects and office management. The best professionals know how to keep tabs on their tasks while also being proactive about getting things done. And at Texas Wesleyan, you can pick up some tips on learning how to manage your time and stay organized with workshops from our Academic Success Center

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