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Is getting a finance degree worth it?

Thinking about a career in finance? From corporate finance to the insurance industry and real estate, there’s a career for every kind of person. By getting a finance degree at Texas Wesleyan, you can also fast-track your career with our Fifth-Year Program and get ready for the chartered financial analyst (CFA) exam! Here are a few reasons why choosing to pursue a career in finance just makes “cents” — and dollars too. 

You’ll be highly sought after 

Business and finance jobs continue to grow faster than a chia pet. With a predicted 8% growth in jobs from 2020 to 2023 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, getting your finance degree is something you can take to the bank … or corporate office (or whatever path you take). Check out a few careers that you can join: 

  • Financial Analyst: You'll be like a tour guide — but instead of showing off historical landmarks, you’ll show how departments in a company can save money and make a profit. 
  • Sales agent: No matter if you’re more of a Jim Halpert or a Michael Scott, sales agents are the heartbeat of a company. Without making sales, a company won’t make any money. You’ll make relationships with customers and promote your company’s product or service.
  • Appraiser: No, not like the Antiques Roadshow appraiser. In the corporate world, an appraiser looks at real estate and estimates what it’s worth. 
  • Commercial Lender: Just like regular people need loans to buy cars or build houses, corporations need money for building new projects and buying other businesses. In commercial lending, you’ll help businesses get the money they need. 

You’ll be on the fast track for your master’s and other certificates 

Did you know that a professional with an MBA in finance earns, on average, $97,000 per year? Getting your MBA is a great way to take your career — and your salary — to the next level. By getting your BBA in finance at Texas Wesleyan, you’ll be able to take advantage of our Fifth-Year Option program. That means you can get your BBA and your MBA in just five years. Plus, you’ll take classes that can prepare you for the CFA exam after you graduate. 

The classroom turns into the real world at Texas Wesleyan 

How many schools can say that they give you the opportunity to manage money? We don’t mean stock market games or accounting simulations, we’re talking real money. As a finance major, you’ll get the chance to get hands-on experience and manage part of the University’s endowment fund

Incorporate travel into your degree plan 

From New York to London to Hong Kong and more, finance is truly an international industry. As a finance major, you can take advantage of Texas Wesleyan’s study abroad program and see the world while earning course credits. Our tip: If you plan on studying abroad, let your advisor know early so that they can help you create the perfect degree plan for you. 

Sound interesting? Start your journey as a finance professional today by checking out a sample degree plan today.

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