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Careers in Management

In your management classes, you're gaining practical insight and perspective in the field of management. After graduation, you'll be ready to take a number of jobs including a few of the titles listed below.

Get a job in corporate management

Most management jobs include planning, organizing, directing and controlling. You'll work with a large organization in any number of specific departments. You can oversee tasks directly related to the actual operation of the company.

Information Systems Manager Purchasing Manager
Marketing Manager Financial Manager
Office Manager Human Resources Manager

Get a job in physical management

In physical management, there are many different positions. As a facility manager, you coordinate the workplace environment with people and work of an organization. As an operations manager, you would control the intake and production for a manufacturing organization.

Production Manager Materials Manager
Construction Manager  

Get a job in public sector management

Public sector management has many positions in a wide variety of industries. Some of those jobs could include city or county managers, government program managers, non-profit manager, school principal or director, school administrator or superintendent, college administrator and farming, forestry, mining or fishing managers.

City or County Manager Government Program Manager
Labor Relations Manager Superintendent
College Administration Human Resource Management

Get a job in private sector management

Your position in private sector management can be in many different areas such as communications, food services, insurance, public utilities, real estate, retail, service, transportation or self-employed.

As a communications manager, you'll maintain the operations of a company such as telephones, internet connection, print media, TV or radio. While as a real estate manager, you'll direct a team of real estate agents and help keep the database of properties for sale or rent up to date.

Restaurant Manager Property Manager
Retail Sales Manager Communications Manager
Bank Manager Real Estate Broker