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Is getting a marketing degree worth it?

03.30.2022 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Do you want to learn how to take a business to the next level? That’s what marketing is all about — breaking through the noise to get your business noticed. From strategizing ideas to positioning products, marketing is a critical part of making sales.

You’ll have job options

Every day, the average consumer looks at over 5,000 marketing messages. When you get a marketing degree, you’ll learn how to make your message rise above the rest. From tech to manufacturing and the performing arts, there will always be a need for a marketing professional. Here are a few careers that you can get with a marketing degree:

  • Marketing manager – plan, direct and coordinate marketing policies and programs
  • Digital marketer – oversee and create advertising delivered digitally
  • Public relations – promote and create an intended public image for individuals, groups and organizations
  • Advertising & promotions manager – plan, direct and coordinate advertising policies and programs
  • Market research analyst – buying habits and potential competition in local, regional, national and online markets

And that’s just scratching the surface. Getting a marketing degree can also open up jobs in sales, purchasing and many more branches of the examples we listed above. Our tip? Find a school where you’ll have the best undergraduate marketing courses that help you zero in on your interests.

With our Fifth-Year option for BBA majors, you can get a jump start on the competition. Earn your BBA in marketing followed by an online MBA with a concentration in business administration, supply chain management, healthcare administration or data analytics in just five years.

You can make bank

Salaries depend on where you are and what kind of marketing you do, but estimates range between $50,000 and $115,000 — and you can bump that up even more with a master’s degree. Getting your bachelor’s degree puts you on track for starting your career or expanding your knowledge with grad school and certifications. And with our Smaller. Smarter. marketing degree, you’ll learn one-on-one from expert professors so you can get the tools you need for success.

You’ll be studying in the booming DFW Metroplex

Did you know that over 20 Fortune 500 companies call DFW home? Studying in the Metroplex means opening yourself up to job and internship opportunities in a market that gets bigger every day. You’ll also have on-campus opportunities like the Entrepreneurship Club to build your real-world experience.


Interested in pursuing a marketing degree? Check out our Smaller. Smarter. B.B.A. in Marketing.

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