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Welcome to the marketing program. Find out more about getting your BBA in Marketing.
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About Marketing

The average consumer faces over 5,000 marketing messages a day. As a marketer, your job is to design communications that stand out from the masses and break through the clutter. Without marketing to help sell products, there is no business.

As a business major in the marketing major, you'll develop critical thinking skills and creativity to understand customers and how to communicate with them. We'll teach you how to break through the marketing clutter in classes such as Retailing, Sales Management, Consumer Behavior, Contemporary Marketing Strategies and International Marketing.

Ask Your Advisor About the 5th-Year Option

Want to get a jump start ahead of the competition? Earn your BBA in marketing, followed by an online MBA with a concentration in either business administration, supply chain management, healthcare administration or data analytics in just five years. 

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Is getting a marketing degree worth it?
Thinking about starting a career in marketing? Here are some big-picture thoughts about studying marketing — and what you can do now to get started.
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These jobs for marketing majors might surprise you
Marketing majors learn how to research, strategize and design communications that help individuals, groups and organizations tell their stories in a way that sets them apart from the competition. Does that sound right up your alley? Here are a few places that your major might take you.
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What do marketing majors learn in class?
After completing your general education and intro-level business classes for your marketing degree, marketing majors at Texas Wesleyan can jump right into developing skills that can make your resume shine. Here are some skills that you'll graduate with.
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How do you become a marketing professional?
How do you become a marketing professional? That’s like saying “how do I become an athlete” — it depends on what you want to do! Marketing refers to a lot of professions covering everything from digital advertising to public relations and more. The marketing field changes every single day and new opportunities are opening up as fast as they can get filled. Here’s some of our tips about how to get in the door and start your career.
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Traits that great marketers share
Marketing professionals are often on the cutting edge of their industry’s latest trends. Here are a few traits that keep marketers ahead of the competition.
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Prep for your marketing career — while you're still in school
Real-world experience can make a difference in the … real world. That’s why at Texas Wesleyan, you’ll get a front-row seat to the business world in one of the top metroplexes in the United States. Our expert professors will guide you as you start your marketing career and enter into one of the hottest industries on the market. And you can take your education a step further with our Fifth-Year Option, which allows you to earn your bachelor’s in marketing and an MBA in just 5 years.
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