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Traits that great marketers share

Ever challenged your friend to a race in the pool? Or who could get to the car the fastest? That’s what marketing professionals thrive on — sweet, sweet competition. Getting their messages to the right audience faster and better than their competitors is like being first place in a 10K, you get the medal, the attention and the taste of victory. With attention to detail, the desire to be the best and an open mind to learning, you could make a great future marketing professional.

You’re driven to be the best in the field

Always feeling like you could do more? So do marketers. An average person faces over 5,000 marketing messages a day, so it’s your job as a marketer to create messages that truly capture the attention of your consumers. You’ll never want to settle and always want to learn about the latest trends — or even be the one paving the way! And in Texas Wesleyan’s small classes, you’ll get the tools you need to discover the latest marketing research and get the creative inspiration you need to be the best in the field.

You pay attention to every detail about products or services

Marketers love binge-watching detective shows too. That’s because it takes some investigating — and quite a bit of attention to detail — to keep a product or service in the spotlight. You’ll need to put on your investigator hat and discover what strategies are working, what aren’t and how to make that spotlight shine even brighter. You’ll get to dissect your marketing (way less messy than that frog in high school, but just as much fun) to figure out what part of your advertising isn’t working. Then plan on how to make it better. Because unlike detectives, marketing cases never close.

You never back down from a challenge

Having tough skin is important in the field. Sometimes things don’t go as you hoped or sales start dropping. Being able to listen to feedback and come back fighting even stronger is what will make a difference in your marketing career. If you’re not afraid of backing down from a good challenge, marketing is right up your alley. And learning from mistakes can help you grow even stronger.

Pro tip: Check out some real-life marketing flops. Remember when IHOP went to IHOb (International House of Burgers)? It made Twitter go crazy with so many brands going along with the trend of switching their names for different menu items. It was fun while it lasted but ended up not making a big change to burger sales at IHOP. Already thinking of a million things you would do differently? Our expert professors are ready to help you turn your ideas into real-life strategies.

You can roll with the punches

Marketing has lots of different career paths, from public relations, advertising, research, sales and more. No matter which road you take, you’re bound to hit a few bumps and run into some roadblocks along the way. If you’re someone that can easily “fix the potholes” (aka smooth things over and continue on your way), you’ll do great in a marketing career. Marketers pull from their professional training and real-life experience to help take their products, services, clients, or whatever the project, to the next level — even if that means fixing a few potholes along the way.


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