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How do you become a marketing professional?

We know what you’re thinking — how do I get to be the next person who coins catchphrases like "Taste the Rainbow", "Just Do It" or even “Smaller. Smarter.”? Well, a good start is to turn on that creative mind of yours. But it takes more than just coming up with a catchy phrase to take a marketing campaign to the next level. Marketing is more than just the advertising you see — it’s research, interpreting data, getting to know your customers, strategizing and more. And you could use all of those skills to fill a variety of roles from writing social media posts to filming a commercial.

So, how do you find that right career after getting your marketing degree? Being a marketing professional starts with a bachelor’s degree and can build in any direction you want. That includes an MBA or other master’s degrees, certifications and many other options. Here are a few tips to help you get to where you want to be:

Know your goals

While the marketing industry changes every single day, it’s still a good idea to visualize your success early on. Do you see yourself delivering a press briefing, or maybe looking at trends and numbers to see if a program is working? Different schools can give you different degree plan options, and it’s important to research your program to see if it fits your goals. Reading success stories and looking at where graduates work is a great way to see if you’re a good fit for a program. 

Narrow your programs

Everyone’s career goals are different, so match your goals to a program that works! Some schools might have an amazing program, but aren’t in a great area to hunt for jobs and internships. Some schools may not have that #1 ranked marketing program, but are in a hotbed for jobs. Set yourself up for success and compare your options — what might work for you might not work for a different student and vice versa. Choosing your perfect school will set you up for a successful career!

Think about grad school early

More than four years of college might seem like a lot now, but it’ll fly past faster than you think! In today's job market, having an MBA can help you land your dream job – and a bigger paycheck. In fact, the average national starting salary for someone with an MBA is almost $88,000! And Texas Wesleyan makes it easier than ever to get that MBA. With our Fifth-Year Program, you can get your undergraduate degree and your MBA in just five years. Even if you decide to work somewhere other than Dallas-Fort Worth, an online MBA from Texas Wesleyan can provide you with even more job opportunities — hello upper management! 

Look for hands-on opportunities

Learning in class is important, but getting some hands-on opportunities can help push your resume to the top of the stack. At TXWES, we’re not only located in a great spot for landing internships with big name companies, but we also bring the experts to you. From learning how to build your own business in our Small Business Workshops to meeting big-time marketing professionals, we take your education beyond the classroom. You can also join our Entrepreneurship Club. It’s a great way to learn how to build sustainable business ventures and gives you a chance to hear from the Metroplex’s most successful self-starters.


Interested in pursuing a marketing degree? Check out our Smaller. Smarter. B.B.A. in Marketing.

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